almost 8 years ago

Announcing the winners

The votes are in! Go to the gallery to congratulate the winners and check out all of the excellent submissions.

Even though the competition is over, don't stop hacking. Use your portfolio to keep your project up to date and get feedback from fellow makers.

almost 8 years ago

Final Presentation Order

We've been up all night compiling your apps on our devices.  If there were any issues, we've e-mailed you so make sure to get back to us right away and/or come by your practice session.  If you haven't already signed up for a practice session, please do so.

I know some folks have exams during the presentation time and have made special requests.  Here is the order that everyone will be presenting in:

  1. SwiftCard
  2. Air Tartan
  3. BeeDrop
  4. Bracer
  5. Bubble
  6. Constellations
  7. Feeding Friendzy
  8. Folks
  9. KeyArtBoard
  10. Minute Master
  11. Owl Land
  12. Pop,
  13. Popsicle
  14. ProportionAte
  15. QuickDraw
  16. QuoteIt
  17. SmartTimer
  18. Split
  19. stay mindful
  20. Stroopify

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almost 8 years ago

Final Presentation Details

Practice Sessions

Registration for practice presentations is now live. We recommend that at least one person from your team comes by to test your app on the projector and actual device that we'll be using for the demo live so you don't run into any issues.  Practice sessions are in the McConomy Auditorium.  Only one person from each team should sign up for a practice session.

We will have your app pre-loaded on the device for you.

Think of this as your final dress rehearsal. You should be ready to go with your presentation. Tap on your app, run through…

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almost 8 years ago

Less than 2 hours to submit! READ THIS!

You have 90 minutes to submit your final project for the iOS App Challenge at CMU!  If you haven't already, I highly suggest you have someone on your team at least start the ChallengePost submission.  The form is quite detailed and it takes a few minutes to go through everything.  A few really important notes:


Include a detailed description and screenshots

This page is what you will include on your resume after the challenge is over so take some time to include a few screenshots of your app and a good description that explains what it does.

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almost 8 years ago

Coffee and snacks are here

Fresh coffee is here right outside of Rashid.  We also have a fresh supply of snacks inside Rashid.

Remember that your code is due at 11:59pm tonight.  Make sure everyone is registered on ChallengePost!

We have burritos coming for dinner around 6pm.

almost 8 years ago

Chinese food is here!

Chinese food is here!  Come to the Rashid Auditorium with an empty stomach and Swift questions.

almost 8 years ago

Coffee is here!

The nice folks at Tazza D'Oro came in on their Saturday to specially brew coffee for you all.  It's sitting right outside the Rashid Auditorium.  The coffee is imported from Uganda and is freshly brewed.

almost 8 years ago

Saturday Office Hours Open & Mac Lab Update

Office hours in the Rashid Auditorium are now open and in full swing.  If you're coding, you should be here or in the Cyert Mac lab.  We have a fresh supply of fruit, a handful of snacks, drinks, and leftover sandwiches from yesterday.  Chinese food from Howlee is coming around 3pm.

We also figured out the issue with the lab computers.  If you don't have a Mac, there are a handful of folks coding in the Cyert Hall lab.  Here is how to get the computers in the lab to work:

1. Quit Xcode
2. Open the Terminal.
3. cd ~/Library…

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almost 8 years ago

Secret API and Jimmy John's

I forgot to mention in the FAQ but the secret API that you must include in your app is.....


You can do this any number of ways:

This should leave it pretty open…

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almost 8 years ago

Office hours now open in Rashid

We're now all settled in the Rashid Auditorium.  We have lots of snacks for you guys -- candy, fruit, chips, soda, water, and RedBull.  Come by and code with us!

Dinner from Jimmy John's will be arriving around 7:30pm-ish.  We'll be here until Midnight.

We politely ask that you take only the food that you will eat immediately and that you keep the food for the participants in the iOS App Challenge.

Apple engineers are here too if you need help with your code, to run your idea past us, or if you need help with provisioning.

almost 8 years ago

Recap of the kick-off presentation and rules (FAQ)

In case you missed the kick-off presentation last night, here is a quick recap of the rules.

Your Mission
Your mission is to learn Swift and make an iOS app this weekend. We hope that this isn't the end of the journey for you though. We would love to see you continue building your app, polishing it up, and posting it to the App Store for millions to download.

You must be a currently enrolled student in CMU to participate. If you are a student of another school, please make sure that you have talked to me ( to…

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almost 8 years ago

Tonight is the night that it all begins!

This weekend has been months in the making but tonight, Thursday September 25th, is finally the night that the iOS App Challenge begins at CMU.  We're stoked to be here!  This is going to be an awesome weekend.

Tonight: (Thursday, September 25th)

Meet us at 7:00pm in the Rashid Auditorium.  We'll review the rules, submission guidelines, and reveal the secret API. Please try to have at least one of your teammates present, if possible. There will also be a team finding session if you're still looking for a team.

Apple engineers will be on-site in Rashid until Midnight if you would like…

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almost 8 years ago

Introduction to iOS Development Workshop in Swift

Apple is hosting an introduction to iOS development in Swift workshop at CMU to kick off the iOS App Challenge.  If you have never done iOS development, this is your chance to get a detailed walkthrough.  You'll have the rest of the week to flex your skills by building an app in the App Challenge.  The workshop lasts approximately 5 hours and we will provide dinner.

If you’re interested in attending, please register now.  (Note that this registration site wasn't working previously but it's fixed now.)  The workshop will likely fill up quickly so don't delay in registering.


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almost 8 years ago

Starter Kit

Welcome to the CMU iOS App Challenge!

You are now confirmed as a participant. We will be revealing more details at the kick-off event and training sessions, but this event challenges you to learn Swift if you don't already know it or to hone your skills if you've used it before.

Complete your ChallengePost profile

If you have not already done so, make sure your profile on ChallengePost contains your real e-mail address and your full name.

Sign up as a developer

Please sign up as a developer at You can register for free to get basic access to the…

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